What do Americans Think about Global Warming and Climate Change?

Climate change is a serious issue and will affect the state of Earth in a matter of a few years. If we do take precautions and drastic measures for climate change, there won’t be a world to rule anymore.

Since New York Times has a certain credibility to its name, I would like to believe that the polls and results gathered from each state is true to its word and credible in a sense. However, I cannot say this because humans are liars. We sometimes lie to be socially acceptable and not be socially outcasted. Therefore, the results gathered from the data may not be reliable. There are certain aspects and errors that bring up many questions. For example, how did they get to every single state? It would be nearly impossible to reach every state and every person in said state and gather the information.

Looking at the six different maps, I would say that the chart is fairly easy to read. I do not think they accounted for people who are colorblind, but other than that, I think that the maps are relatively easy to read and does get the message across. When reading and examining the maps, I would say that it does not encourage exploration. This is solely from personal experience. I look at the maps and I absorb it and I am done. The colors are based from cool colors to hotter colors. The “cooler” the color, the less percentage there is of adults disagreeing with the current question. A few of the maps (Map 2 – effects worldwide vs. affecting me personally for example) create a very interesting contrast and comparison, urging the readers to think more about how thoughts of climate change and global warming correlate with the effects felt by individuals. This calls for a reevaluation of priorities.

Link: https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2017/03/21/climate/how-americans-think-about-climate-change-in-six-maps.html




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