Which Town in Central Jersey is Safer in Terms of Crime: Edison or North Plainfield?

Oftentimes, many parents with newborns want to be able to live in a town with low crime rates so their children can grow up in a safe and livable environment. The process can be difficult and daunting for new parents who do not have a lot of time. This was especially true for my parents when they were deciding on where to live in New Jersey. In this article, I have chosen two towns closest to each other in Central New Jersey which may have growing populations.

North Plainfield is in Central New Jersey and in recent events, is known to have an increased number of crime rates. The small town of of North Plainfield is stationed next to Plainfield, another town known for higher crime rates. Below is an interactive graph of the crime rates from January to March of 2016 vs. January to March of 2017.

Larceny Theft is one of the major crimes in North Plainfield. Larceny theft crimes are higher than any other crime listed in the chart above. To put the crimes in perspective, here is an entirely different graph since the numbers from Larceny theft would overpower every other crime and make the bar graph even smaller than it is.

There is a lot of larceny theft in North Plainfield, with not a decrease, but an increase in from January of 2016 to January of 2017. A photo of the graph is shown below.

image (5)

Edison is further up North in New Jersey, about a 30 minute drive from North Plainfield. A bustling local town, many people do choose to reside here rather than North Plainfield. A more urban feel is added to Edison than North Plainfield. Edison seems to be busier and filled with more cars and streets than North Plainfield. Below are the crime rates of Edison from January through March of 2016 vs. 2017.

image (4)

Although these two towns are only 30 minutes away, there are differing results for the crimes documented. Comparing both datas from both years will bring a better perspective into the analysis. In 2016, North Plainfield’s total number of crimes reached 144. Edison had 324 crimes in total. In 2017, North Plainfield’s number had increased from 2016. The total had risen to 170. Edison’s number of crimes had risen to 409. Both numbers have risen tremendously. However, one must keep in mind that even though both North Plainfield and Edison are towns, they have different population numbers.

Edison has 99,967 people living in the town as of the 2010 Census. North Plainfield has far less. The small town of North Plainfield 21,936 people according to the 2010 Census. These numbers should put the crime rates and numbers in a clearer lens. According to the New Jersey State Police site, the crime rate of North Plainfield has risen 18.1% whereas Edison’s crime rate has risen 26.2%.

According to these numbers and statistics alone, North Plainfield is the safer town to live in. Nevertheless, the place in which one wants to live in is dependent on one’s own feelings and intuition on the town itself.

Note: These two towns were chosen because they had similar crimes documented. Therefore, it was easier to graph and look at the data without having to erase too many crimes, thus not giving the correct data. 

Note 2**: Note that the vertical axis are now different. This was the author’s choice because the amount of larceny theft in Edison exceeded the amount of that of North Plainfield. The author decided to choose a vertical axis that could pertain to both data results. However, if the graph was placed at 200, there would have been two full graphs and that would not have shown the difference between 2016 and 2017. 

Note 3: All data was retrieved from:  http://www.njsp.org/ucr/pdf/current/20170501_crimetrend.pdf